A Little Taste of Heaven! 

A honey bee in an apple blossom, gathering nectar and pollen.

Orchard Blossom brand honey, started 36 years ago in Keremeos, British Columbia, has moved to Armstrong, to be part of Home Sweet Home Apiaries, continuing the tradition of providing local honey straight from our very own hives.

You can find our products, including our local honey and creamed honey, in stores throughout the valley. You can also purchase them directly at our farm gate store, where we also have bulk honey sales. Bring your bucket, and we'll fill it up. If you don't live in the Okanagan Valley, call us or drop us a line, and we'll be happy to send your order to you. 

Along with our bulk, liquid, and creamed honey, check out our other products listed below! 


We have both Okanagan Wildflower (clear) honey and creamed honey available. We sell it in 500g and 1kg jars, as well as in 3kg, 5kg, and 15 kg buckets. We also have bear containers that hold 375g of Okanagan Wildflower honey.

wedding favors, honey favors,


We are happy to work with wedding parties to create the perfect wedding favors for your guests. Our wedding favors are 45ml (approx 1/4 cup) clear hexagon jars of Okanagan Wildflower honey, capped with a gold lid. 

Flavored Honey

Our flavored honey is made with the finest creamed honey, mixed with natural flavoring. 






Ice Wine


           Lemon Ginger




Pumpkin Spice





A honey bee collecting pollen from a flower.
A honey bee flying to the hive with pollen.

When bees forage for nectar from the flowers, they also gather pollen that they bring back to the hive. Pollen contains all known vitamins, all 23 amino acids, all 27 minerals, all trace elements, hormones, and enzymes, as well as carbohydrates and  high amounts of protein. Beekeepers 'trap' the pellets of pollen as the bees take it into the hive. 

Why pollen? 

It relieves inflammation

It is an antioxidant

It improves liver health

It strengthens the Immune system

It is a valuable dietary supplement

It eases symptoms of menopause

It is a stress reducer

It accelerates healing. 

When we 'trap' the pollen, we make sure to do it for only very limited periods in order to not deprive the bees of something so vital to them. 


Bees use propolis, a sticky, resinous material, to seal holes and cracks in the hive, which then blocks out dangerous microbes and fungi. It is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant. 

Why Propolis? 

It discourages infections

It is a treatment for burns

It is a treatment for ear infections

It supports the immune system

It is a treatment for nail infections

It promotes dental health

We have propolis available in capsules, throat/skin spray, and tincture in both alcohol and glycerin. 

Honey bees and a propolis trap to gather propolis.